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Today, many decisions are still made by feeling. But those decisions are often not well-founded and can lead to unforeseen consequences quickly. Predictive Analytics can help eliminating this factor. Thanks to Predictive Analytics, large companies are able to analyze large amounts of data and make predictions which help them in making reasonable decisions. The market for predictive analytics is growing strongly, according to Technavio the revenue for Predictive Analytics is going to increase by 25% annually until 2019. More


At first Edward Snowden, then the Austrian lawsuit against the “Safe Harbor” agreement and finally the verdict of the European Court. Personal data of European Internet users is not adequately protected in the USA, believes the EU Commission. But in Biere (Germany), the largest “Cloud” computer center from Deutsche Telekom, the data is indeed safe and secure.



Big Data in motorsports and cycling races

Big Data Blog / 21.10.2015

In 2015, the Tour de France and the Formula 1 are not anymore single disciplines. High complex Big Data Technologies are used, which have to be operated by several IT experts. For the first time this year the audience of the Tour de France had access to live information about the position and speed on the internet. More


Big Data in Human Resource Management

Big Data Blog / 05.06.2015

Big Data analysis promises a better basis for decision-making in HR. A recent study of the network LinkedIn and Bitkom expects that Big Data will soon have a decisive influence on human resources. Large amounts of unstructured data are already evaluated, especially in the areas of internal communication and employer branding. About 36 percent of all businesses are already familiar with this process and in 9% it is being used successfully, with an upward trend. More


Everyone knows it, you watch the forecast for the next few days on TV, but the announced weather does not occur as promised. Big data is increasingly used for a more detailed prognosis. More and more data is achieving more accurate assumptions. The European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) announced recently that today the 7-day forecasts are approximate to the 5-day forecasts of the 90s. More