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15. December 2014 0

Travel planned by Big Data

The best and biggest journey websites deal with millions of visitors, reviews and opinions, activities and ratings. It is out of the question: thereby with that it’s not the way to produce a mass of data – Big Data is much more. The basis of those websites is a platform which combines travel planning and offers of leading online journey portals, as well as hotels and restaurants. But the Big of the produced data in this case are the lots of experience by users.

May you were on a holiday or business trip and want to let others know how your experience was? Well then it is time to share your knowledge. You can upload reviews and photos, rate by points, use the community and tourist-related services. According to a study of VIR (Verband Internet Reisevertrieb e.V.) almost 60% of all individual services are already booked online

Interdependency between user and the journey websites

Of those input factors the websites make use. They analyze the way of you and the whole visitor population deal with the site. Moreover they try to identify fraudulent articles, because they provide a false impression to users and at the end the website pays for it.

The solutions are on the one hand to involve verified reviews and on the other hand to apply an algorithmic protection. The venture is to be able to take all the data you caused searching for a journey in order to give individual recommendations. The data is in this case based on anonymous profiles and geographic orientierted input. For this several technologies and tools, for instance: Hadoop, SQL Servers, Hive, Redshift, R and Python will be used.

Furthermore they improve their Big Data platform steadily. Good consideration, as Big Data became one of the most important factors to be successful and state of the art.

What is the benefit for the user?

Easily said: you quickly get recommendations fitting to your interests – really timesaving. What is more they are mostly free for the user of any fraudulent information, thanks to the sorting out of the website provider.

Have a nice journey
Sven Löffler

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