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6. August 2015 0
Dr. Ferri Abolhassan

How does transformation actually work?

When CIOs – such as Jay Crotts from Shell or Johan du Plessis at Consol – talk about the benefits of digital transformation, their remarks include “greater flexibility”, and “We’ve never been better protected.” These comments – together with higher agility, cost-efficiency and transparency – are typical assessments of CIOs who have migrated to the cloud with us in the last 10 years. From our many customers, we have also selected the Port of Hamburg, German publisher Weltbild and Deutsche…


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Oliver Bahns, head of Connected Mobility #TSystems about the latest trends at #IAA2017. Video: https://t.co/wBd6ASmGYu 
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How #Blockchain could transform the way international aid is distributed @FastCompany: https://t.co/bvuTcCh4zX @WFP 
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How much anonymity is healthy? #TSystems MD @AnetteBronder about # BigData Mindsets around the world @LinkedIn: https://t.co/OZ27GG71R7 
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.@Telekom_group presents one of the most unusual #IoT deployments Europe has seen to date @mobileeurope:… https://t.co/UrQ8VAUiW8 
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To be ready for the #Security future, pay attention to the security past @DarkReading: https://t.co/k7qqThLexx #CyberSecurity 
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3 tips for making better investments in #Security by @Gartner_inc expert Andrew Horne @InformationWeek: https://t.co/KBzKWo3MSm