Günther Niederreiter

Günther Niederreiter

Günther Niederreiter is Senior Communication Manager and stands for topics around IT. His focus on big data and cloud computing is particularly significant in light of the rising the digitization trend, which is driving new solutions and innovations. His core mission is to present these complex technologies to a broad audience.
2. September 2014 0
Günther Niederreiter

Exploiting the opportunities offered by digitization

The Digital Agenda is finally here. Critics say that it has come too late and is not concrete enough. Maybe so. But the fact is that digitization, big data and cloud computing are already part of our daily routine, both in business and in private life, thus making it politically relevant. This is reflected in the basic idea behind the Digital Agenda in Germany: Digitization and big data can deliver benefits to all of us, but only if there is…

Big data in orbit

Sentinels, the observation satellites of the European Space Agency, are actually data machines circling the earth. Big data at an altitude of 700 km. Every second one million square meters of the earth's surface area are scanned. This data is used for computational models that can make a contribution to genuinely effective climate research. (more…)

Growing reliance on big data analytics for IT security

Over the past few years, attacks against corporate networks have been multiplying by leaps and bounds. SafeNet's Breach Level Index, for example, shows that more than 575 million data records were lost in 2013. At the same time, the technology research and advisory company Gartner now forecasts that by 2016 one-fourth of all major global corporations will be using big data analytics for IT security or fraud detection. As we ponder these trends, we need to ask "can any standard…


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