Dr. Ferri Abolhassan
22. June 2015 0

Cloud is the backbone of digitization

Cloud computing is no longer a bet on the future, but has long since become reality: Experton estimates that cloud business will generate revenue of € 9.1 billion this year in the German market alone, which is 37 percent more than in 2014. And Forbes is already reporting that by 2020, 62 percent of companies will have IT operation that is exclusively cloud-based.

But why is that?

In the course of digitization across all industries, a vast number of devices, sensors and other components will be connected with one another. Reliable studies indicate there will be more than 200 billion connected things. This can only happen with fast mobile connections, comprehensive broadband coverage and IP networks. In addition, these enormous value networks will also produce a vast amount of data. And in order to centrally collect and analyze these data appropriately, companies need significantly more storage capacities. They require analysis capacities and more central data storage.

But that can only work with the help of the cloud. It is the backbone of digitization. Whether it’s in the automotive, mechanical engineering, retail or logistics industry, no company can follow the path of digital transformation without the cloud. This cloud must be scalable and affordable, simple, highly available and also secure. Only a cloud with these qualifications can be considered the measure of all things.

We have dedicated ourselves to and based our market position on precisely this cloud. After ten years of cloud computing, we are now holistically positioned, from the infrastructure and applications to device management, in other words across the entire IT spectrum. Our own quality expectations really set us apart from the competition and especially count with our customers. Whether B2B or B2B2C, what is crucial is the reliability and robustness of IT, particularly when it comes to digitization. This end-to-end quality management is what sets us substantially apart from the competition. Our European, or rather German, DNA and the security standard associated with it is an important extra benefit of our location.

Last Monday, we presented our strategy for the “Europe Cloud.” We want to use this cloud to not only pit ourselves against North American competitors, but to also more than double the cloud revenue with the Group’s business customers of currently around one billion euros annually by the end of 2018. And we are convinced that we will achieve this with our powerful cloud partner ecosystem, which includes Cisco, SAP, Salesforce and Huawei, among others.

The two recognized analyst firms, Ovum and Experton, have praised our cloud strategy. We came in top of the market in recent studies by both firms. Ovum even says that we are the leader among the group of European telecommunications service providers in the field of cloud computing.

So too do the analysts from Experton. We were once again ranked among the cloud leaders in the latest Cloud Vendor Benchmark, making us the leader in this industry in Germany. We thus hold the top spot in four categories. According to Experton, when it comes to managed private cloud providers for the IaaS segment: “T-Systems is the first-choice player in this field for 2015 as well.”

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