Dr. Ferri Abolhassan
6. August 2015 0

How does transformation actually work?

When CIOs – such as Jay Crotts from Shell or Johan du Plessis at Consol – talk about the benefits of digital transformation, their remarks include “greater flexibility”, and “We’ve never been better protected.” These comments – together with higher agility, cost-efficiency and transparency – are typical assessments of CIOs who have migrated to the cloud with us in the last 10 years.

From our many customers, we have also selected the Port of Hamburg, German publisher Weltbild and Deutsche Telekom itself for our digital transformation studies to be featured here in the next few weeks. These five use cases taken from our book “Wirtschaftswunder 4.0” underline that cloud migration really works, and that the right technologies exist and can be deployed to great effect. But above all, we aim to provide insight into HOW transformation unfolds, and what tangible business impact it brings. Because every enterprise is different and faces unique challenges and technological requirements.

Consider 154 terabytes of legacy data – how does a Fortune 500 company manage to deliver this volume of data with such a high degree of availability to thousands of employees that the speed and quality of its collaboration significantly increase? And how does a publisher introduce an entirely new IT landscape in just six weeks, or our parent company ensure maximum uptime for its 700 shops (and their 5,000 desktops)? At the same time, find out how Hamburg, Europe’s second busiest port, aims to double container throughput.

But how is all this possible? Consol provides an excellent answer to this question. For Africa’s leading glass manufacturer, cloud transformation was closely linked to core production processes: in the form of eleven state-of-the-art furnaces. These must continue to run around-the-clock and any interruption can cause damages in the hundreds of millions. Our systems integrators, IT production staff and the entire delivery team worked hand in hand for eight months to achieve success. In addition to cloud security, Consol CIO Johan du Plessis highlighted another benefit at the end of the project: “We reduced operating costs by 25 percent in the first two years alone.” These significant savings have freed up capital that can be re-invested, for example, in the development of new sites. “This directly contributes to the company’s expansion plans in Africa,” continues the IT boss.

Like Consol, more than 250 companies around the globe use our dynamic cloud platform. With over 40 million SAPS and more than 2.6 million productive users, we are the world’s largest operator of SAP cloud landscapes. Possible reasons for our success include end-to-end quality management, our commitment to maximum security, and last but not least, the strict data protection legislation in Germany. Moreover, according to TNS Infratest, when it comes to customer satisfaction, we rank among the top 10 European ICT providers.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the customers that have moved to the cloud with us in the last ten years for their trust. I am well aware that we must re-affirm and earn this trust anew each and every day.

More information about “Digital Transformation” on t-systems.com

Best regards,
Dr. Ferri Abolhassan

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