Sven Hansel
9. June 2015 0

Next stop: The Far East

“Huawei is fast becoming a global leader in IT”, wrote in late 2014. Our guest blogger Sven Hansel found out how the Chinese company, a T-Systems partner, plans to achieve its goal. The IT journalist visited Huawei’s Network Congress in Beijing, reporting for VDI nachrichten – a newspaper published by the Association of German Engineers.

Typical business trip destinations for IT journalists include San Francisco, Washington and Orlando. When the world’s tech heavyweights hold conferences, thousands of customers, business partners, analysts, and media representatives head west. But, in the past year, we have been extending our travel itineraries to include destinations in the east – such as Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Beijing. Why? Because the Chinese IT sector has become a regular focus of our reports.

And that is not just due to its truly impressive growth; its commitment to collaborating with Europe also plays a key role. As I see it, enterprises in eastern Asia are especially eager to work with European partners. They want to form a strong counterbalance in a global IT market that is currently dominated by the US. Pablo Cui, Huawei managing director responsible for business clients in Germany, explains, “T-Systems and SAP are strategic partners for us.” His colleague Leon He, in charge of B2B operations in western Europe, adds, “These collaborations primarily target major companies. But we also want to work with our partners to deliver tailored, industry-specific cloud solutions.”

SAP HANA and IP technology

Huawei is hoping its partners will bring exciting new approaches to cloud computing, the Internet of Things, and Industry 4.0. SAP’s pioneering product HANA is one such example. And as Leon He continues, “T-Systems provides additional expertise for ICT innovations and new data center solutions. Ultimately, this collaboration is no more than an extension of our existing strategic partnership with Deutsche Telekom. Only now we can play a role in the entire value chain – reaching everyone from consumers and carriers to business clients.” Pablo Cui adds, “Our cloud container is just the first step. We also want to deliver jointly-developed IP infrastructure and IP network solutions.”

It’s all about speed

I enjoyed my visit to the conference for a number of reasons. In addition to experiencing the famous Chinese hospitality, I also picked up a few interesting snippets. In 2014, Huawei’s business client division grew by more than 60 percent in Germany – and the company expects the same speed from its partners. This illustrates just how the Far East is upping the pace, but you’ve got to be able to keep up. Moreover, I learned that Huawei only enters partnerships that have a defined strategic objective. Only then will the company be willing to make large investments in research and development – any other type of collaboration is mere lip service.

The fact that the IT sector in a boom country like China is growing so rapidly is not exactly headline news. But I find the notion of developing strategic, pan-European networks with local partners very exciting. In any case, it looks like I will be packing my bags and jetting off to the Far East more often over the next few years.

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