Marten Bütow
9. October 2017 0

Digital work – not for the office

Digital work – we have gotten used to it more than we’d like to admit. The cloud, mobility, and apps have long been a reality. But we have not yet reached the final destination.

Copying, punching, filing: 20 years ago, this was still the standard triathlon in office bureaucracy. Sometimes with an extra event: paper-clipping. Even though the Association of Hole-Punch and Binder Manufacturers will probably disagree with my statement, I can imagine that these disciplines are already on the list of endangered species and will sooner or later die out.

And they aren’t the only ones: TippEx, fax machines, interactive videotex… The list is almost endless. We are now even at the point where the digital revolution is eating its own children. In 2012, SMS was still the benchmark for fast real-time communication. And then along came WhatsApp… A year ago (in April 2016) three times more messages (60 billion per day) were sent through Facebook’s messenger services, i.e. Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, than SMS.

Users want digital added value, even in the workplace

These (private) user experiences are also disrupting everyday professional life. Higher communication speeds and higher everyday efficiency (or process simplification) – these are very simple and comprehensible arguments for the use of modern workplace technologies with noticeable added value. All of this without conjuring up the nightmare image of the robo-boss, which Gartner thought would be the next stage in digital work life back in 2016.

Digital work beyond the office

Digital work does not just refer to traditional offices. It can also allude to workplaces outside of the office environment. Creating such digital workplaces then mainly depends on two factors: The availability of good-quality Internet (Wi-Fi or 5G) and the extent to which workplaces should be provided. So you can create these workplaces definitely on the company’s business premises with Managed LAN Services.

If you think about warehouses in which you can use fixed kiosk devices and shaere it with several employees; forklift trucks fitted with tablets used to plan and communicate work tasks, where a warehouse app can also be provided if need be; doctors whose tablets with patient record files fit perfectly into their lab coats; public transport drivers who can receive up-to-date information on their operational status. It goes without saying that digital devices do not stop at tablets or smartphones. The next generation of end devices is already here. Wearables which monitor the health levels of employees working in hazardous conditions (firefighters, etc.).

The prospects are so exciting but as new devices are added, the device pool becomes more complex – even if individual employees benefit from the best equipment for their job, an integrated approach is needed to efficiently manage this “fleet” of devices. Otherwise, those responsible for managing the devices will get bogged down by the user requirements and maintenance efforts in the long run. Dynamic workplaces could definitely offer a concept like this to prepare a company for digital work.

Find out more about digital work in our white paper.

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