Marten Bütow
23. May 2017 0

The Big Crying – IT-Security enters Center stage

Sometimes reality writes the best stories! Only a few day ago, I  published a post  about Schiller and Goethe and all of a sudden Wannacry takes the gloves off. A heavy data kidnapping brings the British NHS to its knees and spreads like a viral pestilence  across Europe.

IT Security and the big yawning

Usually IT security, carefully spoken, is considered a „hygienic factor“. Auditorium begins to yawn, Cloud Workplace Securitywhen experts begin to lecture about the legions of malware. But the interest in the subject suddenly and rapidly changes, if someone is affected. And significance soares, when this kind of vermin becomes a global phenomenon. When whole parts of our daily life break down. With Bob Marley we tend to say „No data, no cry“ – but there will be heavy crying from those that are heavily affected. And stock exchange prices of IT security companies rise. A German saying gives a perfect résumé: „By harm we become prudent”.

Banned for the moment, but hackers up the ante

To think about the importance of IT security once again and to find effective and inexpensive solutions could be a great idea in this situation. Because this is not the end. As the guardian reports hackers now use a DDoS attack  at the killswitch site, that Michael Hutchins, the „accidental hero“, activated. The security battle rages on – and will be as long as we rely on IT. Which means forever.

Cloud contributes to the solution

In a situation of desperate people and enterprises Carsten Knop from Frankufuter Allgemeine Zeitung takes up the cudgel for the cloud. But, interestingly, this produces very different reactions – and not a single one is: „Yes, the cloud of a professional service provider could be an enduring solution”. Instead of that commentators offer do it yourself hints, leads to redundant data storage and construction of own clouds. Taking these comments as a representative survey the ruling dictum would be: Everybody is able to protect his data. He just has to tackle it properly. Could be. But it were people and enterprises, adressed with such „I know better!“ messages, that failed to introduce Microsoft’s security patches within two months.

Use Experts, Realize Sustainable Concepts

One might judge about the failure, but for sure there are more tProvider Securityhan enough  people, that have lots of other things to do than doing daily security updates on their PCs.  Additionally in most companies IT-Sec is understaffed. Security subjects only make it to the executives agenda when … you know … take a look in the intro. In such circumstances it surely isn‘t a mistake to rely on external IT security experts – continuously.  And these experts will for sure use the cloud as a means for channeling security updates. Central services from an external professional  will boost IT security in passing, as a part of a holistic workspace management concept.  Up to date signatures, virus scans and other security patches should only be a small piece of their offering.

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