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7. November 2017 0

Thousands of workplaces in the twinkling of an eye

Back to nature! In the 18th century, Jean-Jacques Rosseau’s ideas inspired a movement that questioned the achievements of science (technology) and art. OK, very few of us today want to live in caves – at least not in winter – and hardly anyone would like to see the return of good old Windows 3.11.

The regular new versions of Windows were the fixed stars in the development of workplace systems. They supplied new features for work and collaboration with amazing regularity. And these innovations were eyed critically by users just as regularly – just recall “Why do I have to press Start to switch off my PC?!?” Yet sooner or later, some tools became an established part of our work  so for example the irreplaceable CTRL+C and CTRL+V, while others lived in the shadows and died out. A sort of survival of the fittest at the workplace.

Collaboration tools are a must

In the course of the workplace’s evolution, however, functions that can now be considered a common good and that no one would want to be without ultimately caught on:

  • synchronization of workflows by unified communications systems
  • conference calls
  • collaborative document editing
  • enterprise-wide provision of files
  • sharing of monitors and videos
  • instant messaging
  • shared calendars and smart e-mail filter have generally become established.

Collaboration is clearly a mainstay in the modern digital workplace. My desktop is my castle or “I can do without WebEx” – such attitudes are largely extinct.

Collaboration with external partners

Of course, this also applies to new collaborative situations. Energy companies, for example, often rely on external sales support as part of campaigns. At peak times, hundreds of call center agents at different locations then need access to customer data, the intranet and SAP systems. You can accomplish this by a temporary virtual workplace as an extension to the company network.

Dynamic provisioning of hundreds of workplaces

A dynamic workplace truly earns its name: There are large fluctuations in terms of quantity and features (functionality). Self service is a must in this regard. The call center’s management team decides independently which agents are used for which customers. The team leader initiates the automated approval process in which the role-specific applications are assigned. Agents have their workplace and can kick off (and start earning money for their company) in a very short space of time. You can also return Leased workplaces quickly as a result you avoid unnecessary costs.  That dynamism gives campaigns a high degree of efficiency. IT is provided to suit business demands. The client and the commissioned call center provider benefit from that.

Perfect fit for dynamic business

And, if you look closer, that’s actually a bit of “back to nature”. This on-demand approach means IT users are relieved of the permanent burden that weighs on the business case in such dynamic deployment scenarios. That means you have what you actually need to get the job done – nothing more, nothing less. Scenarios like that are not only very common at companies in the energy industry. And that’s why concepts for dynamic workplaces offer unbeatable benefits.

What should the dynamic workplace be like so that companies are fit for the future? Benny Tritsch and Brian Madden have addressed the issue for us in a white paper. You can download it here.

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