Windows 10—Set yourself up right

As a provider, this is easy to miss: End users are also voting with their feet. Or in this case maybe more with their fingers: Stylish, modern and efficient terminal devices such as Surfaces are certainly enchanting their buyers. And this of course is an indirect vote for Windows 10 as well.

It’s a little bit like the popular manager game. As soon as Microsoft gets the first ball rolling, this creates an impulse for user companies. But two things are different now: The impulses have fundamental effects on the users and these effects are also appearing with increasing frequency.

Windows 10’s calling, don’t miss the train!

So it’s time for companies to react and prepare themselves for using Windows 10. Not just as a project organization, but permanently. For example, it is best practice (at least at larger companies) to establish a special board that examines and evaluates the updates and provides binding specifications to the release management.

Because of the far-reaching effects on various corporate aspects, filling this board only with technicians from operations won’t do the trick. You should involve also Security and data security experts as well as IT architects (or even business process designers). Ideally this board would have close contact with Microsoft. Because that is the only place with knowledge of upcoming features and services. And then their effects on the company and users can be evaluated at an early stage—which in turn creates leeway for the user company. This board then decides which new features and services will be introduced to the company—and which will be excluded.

CBB – always in motion but stay with the standard

Here is a key suggestion for using CBB, based on our previous experiences: In the selection of applications and tools, it helps to ensure that these stay close to the Windows 10 standard. This avoids compatibility issues caused by in-place updates.

Two typical examples: Time and again it becomes clear that the VPN (Virtual Private Network) client and the virus scanner (from third-party providers) won’t run smoothly with the new releases. In such cases it is worth switching to products that are closer aligned with the Microsoft standard.

The same applies to the software distribution toolset. Each Windows 10 release is accompanied by new requirements for the toolset. Even you have to adjust the company’s own tool SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager) constantly to the new releases. Microsoft is giving the current version a “valid period” of 12 months. Then at least a review should be conducted—which might lead to an update.

Does Microsoft’s new “Windows as a Service” model involve higher operational expenditures as a result? This question cannot be answered yet. However, the requirements for the companies are definitely changing, and not just for IT. On the other side is the potential for a top user experience.

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