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20. September 2017 0

Working without IT?

Monday morning, 8:30 am. You enter the office and look in your laptop bag. The laptop is gone.

Of course you would have noticed sooner by the weight of the bag. I just wanted to put a “what if” scenario in your head. It seems rather weird to think of the laptop being gone (let’s hear it for the good old PC ;-)). But our colleagues on the service desk could write a book about staff not being able to use their laptops after forgetting a PIN or password on the first day back from vacation. I’ve personally experienced a digger tearing through a nearby network cable. We’ve all had these MPTIs*  – the only other time I’ve broken out in so much perspiration was when my wallet disappeared.

The IT workplace remains an earnest size

As long as humans play a role in office life, the IT workplace is and will always be the linchpin of the working world. It is the key resource – without it, nothing works. It is a bridgehead of digitization. Yet it also undergoes constant change. I have seen pictures of IBM mainframe computers with a lady inserting punch cards in a computer which definitely deserves to be described as “huge”. Today it could be passed off as a wardrobe for a large family. We have seen clunky monochrome screens, tower PCs, and are now in a generation in which laptops have to become lighter and even more powerful to meet our requirements. Tablets and smartphones are already a familiar concept to us. Gartner is already talking about the wearables era. Next year, 2 million people are expected to be wearing these devices as part of their work.

Increasing requirements placed on the “PC”

Business is more dynamic than ever before – and it has to be to serve the needs of the market, customers, and staff. And it also needs to keep up with major suppliers such as Microsoft.  Even the IT workplace needs to go digital. It’s kind of paradoxical as the IT workplace has been the major driving force behind digitization ;-). Nowadays, this includes a good user experience across various end devices tailored to the respective end device. Have you ever tried word processing on a wearable, this probably wouldn’t make much sense.

Taking advantage of cost benefits

Of course you should not lose track of the costs when converting to these kinds of dynamic workplaces. Although the costs are probably the strongest argument in favor of a conversion: Standardized operation from a cloud back-end significantly reduces operating costs. The supply concept should also include hybrid cloud scenarios which give the company their own mix of suppliers and a high level of flexibility.

All in all, these may be good arguments for considering a long-term solution to workplace systems, maybe even dynamic workplaces. 😉


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*major personal technical incidents

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