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3. March 2015 0

Big Data Startup scene booms not only in Berlin or London

At the beginning of the industrialization where hydropower and mass production based on the division of labor, today it is the digitization. Industry 4.0 is in full swing. The goal is an intelligent networking of all participating elements of production. Door openers are new developments and ideas, often created by young entrepreneurs. The startup scene is booming, but not only in the familiar incubators like Berlin or London, but also in the new hotspots in Europe, like Krakow.

Polands attractive South

Hardly one would guess that a nondescript, pragmatic mounted sign THE hotspot would indicate for startups in southern Poland. It directs visitors to the technology center of Krakow that increasingly ensures economic growth of the city. The infrastructure offers free Wi-Fi and plenty of space at affordable rents for successful collaboration. Here you meet motivated programmers and passionate Entrepteure. The reason is the vicinity of the Jagiellonian University, with access to the high-technology industry, which also funded the hotspot.

Cooperation is everything

Krakow – fertile ground for the visions of young entrepreneurs looking for incubators. They help to implement ideas into innovative and successful business models. Therefore an incubator offers start-ups with potential help to start. Preferential is exchange of experiences and the provision of infrastructure and financial support. In addition, the particular understanding of the Krakow scene in networking positively effects the founder scene. The device: everyone gets the help he needs. In Krakow incubators, like the university AIP, innovation nest and hub:raum, have settled. Hub:raum is the interface between Deutsche Telekom AG and the startups. The goal is a win-win situation: startups and established businesses. Thomas Kiessling, Chief Product and Innovation Officer at DTAG aim is: “to promote promising business ideas and get in touch with innovative talents to early recognize innovations and emerging markets in order to develop new business cans”.

Two Startups on the rise
36 young entrepreneurs already emerged from the think tank. Currently hub:raum invested in six startups in Krakow. This includes Koala Metrics and EcoisMe. Both fiddle and develop in the area of Big Data.

KoalaMetrics analyses Big Data

Koala Metrics’ platform analyses large amounts of data from mobile end device users to create specific customer profiles. This idea fits the trend that T-system sees in the digital marketplace: Zero Distance. Zero Distance describes the project to serve customers more individually and is about disruptive technologies like Big Data, Cloud, Social Media and Mobility. This is exactly where Koala Metrics come up with their idea – apps are the keyword. Today, about 26 apps run on any smartphone. They can be divided into more than 40 categories, such as health, fashion and finance and thereby to the personal flagship. But how will the generated data of the apps be used apps to create a customer profile?
Procedure in 3 steps
Step 1: Koala Metrics uses a very short code (KoalaSDK), which each developer can quickly implement in its App. Once installed, SDK analyses the apps that are used on the device, of course with the knowledge and consent of the customer.
Step 2: The obtained and anonymous data is transmitted to the platform by Koala metrics, which transforms these to specific user profiles.
Step 3: The result is a profile that reflects the use of the apps. Thus, an app provider for Kids assign the profiles of parents or a user of the sports ticker, as a sports fan.
The aim is to enable better targeted advertising with the Koala Metrics offering. Campaign costs are reduced an meanwhile customer loyalty through customized offers is increasing.

Save energy with Ecois.Me

We are in the midst of the energy revolution. Fossil fuels are running out and will be sometimes spent. The light at the tunnel is renewable energy, such as solar or wind. The problem lies in the efficient storage of these forms of energy in order to ensure a reliable power supply at all times.
But even before the challenge of efficient energy saving- and distribution is solved, it is important to save energy. Keywords: environmental protection and cost reduction. Ecois.Me’s has developed an algorithm that enables customers to classify devices according to their energy consumption. “Power-hungry-devices” are identified and recommendations for their energy saving potential are provided. Thereby energy suppliers are able to use the algorithm to predict the energy consumption of their customers and to develop models that help customers to adapt their behavior in terms of energy efficiency.

The next hotspot, I want to present, is Manchester!

Big Data Greetings
Sven Löffler

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