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Telekom and ZEISS are cooperating for Augmented Reality Data Glasses

Already launched in 2012, Google’s data glasses ended with a sales stop and a big flop in 2015. Now, Deutsche Telekom and ZEISS are picking up the reins for a new, smart pair of glasses and are thus entering the augmented reality world. The optics specialist from Oberkochen has taken over the production of the glasses and Telekom is contributing the network infrastructure.

Augmented Reality – what was that actually?

Augmented Reality means nothing more than extended reality, which is the computer-assisted expansion of the perception of reality. In this context, the approach of all human sensory modalities is conceivable, but often only the visual data representation is thought of. In the visual display of information, pictures or videos are complemented by computer-generated additional information or virtual objects by means of superimposing or overlaying.

Admittedly, this is not really spectacular at first – but it is. Why? This was demonstrated by Deutsche Telekom and ZEISS at the MWC mobile communications fair in Barcelona.

First performance for the smart glasses on the MWC 2017

The smartphone or the PC with which you are just reading this article could soon be consigned to history. Replaced by devices like “simple” glasses. Telecom CEO Tim Höttges assured this with the presentation of the jointly developed data glasses with the ZEISS already in Barcelona. Is this still unimaginable for you? Then you might think in another way about this when you are finished reading.

In the glasses additional information or graphics as for navigation should be shown. Unlike the data gadgets from Google, the device uses the computing power directly from the net, explained Telekom‘s CEO Höttges. And this network will be even faster in the future: 5G is at the door! In just three years, the 5G network should be the standard and Europe will play a key role in the development. But where light is, is also shadow and so the expansion is expensive and the Telekom needs investment security.

How Höttges presented the new glasses at the MWC and what the glasses really look like and a lot more, you can see at our video of the MWC17 on the Facebook page of Deutsche Telekom.

But what is the benefit of such glasses now?

The goal is to explore the potential and the future of data glasses, the two companies said. Therefore, developers can design possible applications for smart glasses.

But it is not just the tinkerer heart that is likely to make a jump – the data glasses are also useful to consumers as well as various industries. It offers a limitless pool of advantages and application fields.

The data glasses can can support knowledge transfer across segments. For example, valuable insights are kept in electronic logbooks and globally shared in order to meet recurring challenges. Furthermore, targeted information in real-time allows the employee to recognize patterns and correlations supported by Big Data Analytics applications and to respond quickly and adequately to unforeseen events.

Realizable applications in the context of IoT

On the football field, there are already some players who wear shoes and shirts with integrated sensors. Each movement creates data that can be used to form patterns or correlations in the sense of Big Data Analytics, thus improving the game. What is rather new, however, is that the trainer is equipped with high-tech equipment in the form of data glasses. It enables him to react to movement sequences, for example when a player reaches his performance limit. The capture of the flood of sensors from the players’ clothes and the reflection on the data glasses brings new fire into the training methodology. As a result, only more correlations and patterns can be identified and used.

In the BMW factory, the employees have their hands free at work and do not have to move their eyes from the car to a PC or tablates, but can carry out their work fully concentrated. In addition, the data-glasses network the factories among themselves. For example, this has a great advantage in remote maintenance, where an expert had previously had to travel to another country, he can now assign a colleague with smart glasses in real-time and then adapt it in a 3D simulation.
When cleaning windows – yes even with the cleaning of buildings, the data glasses is a true helper. For instance, the materials, work steps and additional, helpful information required for professional cleaning are projected into the field of view. The data glasses also communicate with cleaning devices such as a vacuum cleaner or mop, as well as gloves which are also equipped with sensors. During cleaning, the sensors not only register whether the cleaning device touches the surface, but also indicate when the required contact pressure is too low for effective cleaning.

Relevance for data growth

The next generation networks (NGN) of the 5th generation shall guarantee a transmission rate of 1 gigabit per second and more. This plays a large role for many data-intensive applications, such as Big Data Analytics. In addition to the mobile devices used up to now, which utilize Big Data Analytics technologies, the data glasses are added step by step. Cisco (2015) expects an annual increase of 49% of the data volume transmitted over mobile telephony networks between 2014 and 2019. The share of mobile in the entire Internet traffic is expected to increase in the same period from 3 to 9 per cent.

If one also looks at the diverse potential fields of use of the data glasses and the associated data exchange between the individual IoT devices, the question remains unanswered whether the data glasses are a further guarantor for the exploding data growth.

It remains to be seen which use cases the new data glasses of the Telekom and the ZEISS in the future pose!

And what do you think of our new jewelry? Let us know via twitter @DeutscheTelekom. Or search for more information under the hashtags: #MWC17 #AugmentedReality #Cloud #Telekom

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